Commercial Airconditioning




We offer our customers a wide range of products within free cooling, power housing, and control systems. Due to the rising temperatures that we are experiencing air-conditioning being more affordable than a few years earlier, there is positive growth in the market.
Pricing in our products as always well as quality service plays a major role in your business and is the key to success. We have a positive attitude towards competition in the market and feel that is the best way to stay motivated and to perform at our best.



  • We install any size Air-con from split systems to multiple VRV units and chili plants.

  • We install, service, repair and maintain a large variety of refrigeration units.

  • We office service, maintenance and installations of commercial heating systems.

  • We service any type of air-cons and any type of domestic and industrial fridges.



Maintain and Repair


Maintenance and repair of building systems is critical to protect your capital investment of your equipment, optimise energy efficiency and satisfy occupant comfort. When systems go down or lose efficiency due to lack of maintenance, operating costs increase. We service all brands of systems with a high level of customisation to meet your budget and operational requirements.


Maintenance Agreements and Repair Service options


We offer a wide range of service agreements from basic inspection agreements all the way up to deluxe service packages where we take care of everything.
Inspection agreements: annual, quarterly, yearly maintenance check-ups and more. We can even customise periodic inspections on the components you designate, when you want them.



Offering efficiency, reliability and comfort for your building. If your internal space is limited, rooftop units maintain temperature control without an intrusive footprint inside your building. Our units are flexible products that can be installed in a range of locations for a variety of applications.


Series 5 HVAC units can not only be curb mounted on a roof, but also adapted for slab mounting at ground level and for setting on steel beams above a finished roof. The flexibility makes installing your HVAC equipment quicker and easier, putting green credentials and energy efficient cooling within the reach of every single building.


The Series 5 product range includes:


  • Cooling only

  • Cooling with gas heat

  • Cooling with electric heat

  • Every Series 5 HVAC unit can be tailors to your specific applications with a wide variety of field-installed accessories. We also pipe, wire, charge and test every unit at the factory to simplify the installations upon arrival.


Series 5 HVAC units also offer:

  • HFC-410A Refrigerant for environmentally responsible operations

  • Cooling efficiency is 13 SEER and heating efficiency is 80% SSE

  • Cooling capacity: 3 to 5 tons

  • Heating capacity: 40 to 80 MBH output

  • Easy and low-cost installations

  • Cooling only or cooling with gas or electric heat.

To find out more about improving efficiency with Series 5 HVAC units and other HVAC equipment, please contact our friendly agents.


A mid wall split unit is the most popular and can easily be installed in even the smallest of spaces. It is most commonly used in homes and smalls businesses. Offering both heating and cooling functions. Mid wall units are designed to be very quiet. These units come in various sizes and models like white finish (mod look) Flat panels, Health Plasma – mirror finish which carries more features and finally DC inverter which is top of the range (Reduces Electricity usage by 50%)


Ceiling cassette units are primarily used in commercial environments, like restaurants, hotels, offices and meeting rooms. It has a compact design and is equipped with many features. It has four louvres to circulate the air around the whole room. It varies in sizes from 9000BTU upwards.


Depending on the available space, this unit can be installed either standing floor or mounted on the wall below the ceiling like a high wall split unit. It is remote controlled, very quiet and powerful. Sizes range from 18000BTU upwards.


Ducted Hideaway units offer a cost-effective solution for multi room air conditioning applications. The unit offers a larger heating and cooling capacity than mid-wall units. And mounted into the ceiling hidden from the eye, consisting of one or more vents in each room and therefore there has no indoor unit mounted on the wall. These units range from 18000 to 100000 BTU’s in size.



  • For people on the move…

  • Automatic operation

  • Auto start and shut down timer

  • 3 speed fans

  • Remote control

  • Water tank does not require emptying




We employ a team of skilled-technicians who have extensive knowledge of comprehensive repair services to ensure highest quality of work with guaranteed satisfaction.


Clients can get benefit from our services around Gauteng and surrounding provinces. We deliver all kind of domestic as well as commercial repairing services for all your ailing appliances.

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