Falcon Electrical Engineering Division was founded on its in-depth expertise and authority in the field of electrical systems design for infrastructure that generates, distributes, and utilizes electrical power – as well as systems for controlling and monitoring power.
For nearly 5 years I will firm has been providing specialized electrical engineering services to other engineers for the design of civil architectural projects as well as direct support to industrial and municipal clients for all aspects of power distribution and emergency power generation.

Our people come from all over Southern Africa, with a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds.

They all share passion for delivering quality solution and a drive to have significant impact in the world.



  • Generators

  • DB boards,

  • Power stations

  • Power transmission and distribution systems

  •  Medium voltage switchgear

  • motor control centres

  • power factor correction

  • emergency power and transfer systems

  • uninterruptible power supplies

  • surge suppression and lighting protection

  • lighting systems

  • life safety protection systems

Falcon Engineering’s computer modelling specialists are trained and certified in the latest electrical software solutions to perform:

  • Load flow analysis

  • Short circuit analysis

  • Transient stability analysis

  • Cable ampacity analysis

  • Protective relay coordination

  • Arc-hazard flash analysis

These software applications enable our engineers to deliver state-of-the-art analytical modelling tools that increase productivity, reliability and support the design of safe and reliable electrical systems.

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